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Sodium laurate Manufacturer
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1. All the products we provide come from professionally qualified manufacturers. The pharmaceutical intermediates we provide are produced by factories with EHS legal qualifications; The APIs, health care products, and veterinary APIs we provide are produced by companies that have obtained drug production licenses, GMP, FDA, and CEP certifications, and their quality standards meet the requirements of USP, EP, CHP, BP, and JP.

2. The sales and service personnel of our company have rich professional knowledge in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other fields, and they can provide professional and efficient services to customers. They provide customers with sales consulting, quality assurance, after-sales services, etc. in accordance with ICH and Chinese GMP requirements. We also ensure the quality compliance and legal production of internationally traded products through quality and EHS audits of manufacturers.

3. Highland Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. has rich industry accumulation in the fields of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary drugs, and some pharmaceutical intermediate products can be self-produced. With a rich industry accumulation as a guarantee, we can provide customers with compliant and high-quality local chemicals in China.

Highland (Shandong) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional pharmaceutical chemical supplier and technical service provider. The company’s main business scope: pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, APIs, veterinary drugs, medical devices, etc., but also product development, technical consulting, technical services and other businesses.

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Company Profile

Introduction to Highland (Shandong) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and technical service provider of pharmaceutical chemicals. The company’s main business scope: pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, APIs, veterinary drugs, medical devices, etc., and also carries out product research and development, technical consulting, technical services, and other businesses. Currently, the company’s business mainly includes three segments, which are briefly described as follows:

International trade

The main business products include: pharmaceutical intermediates, health care product raw materials, APIs, veterinary APIs, pesticide intermediates, medical devices, and other products. The company’s marketing personnel have experience in pharmaceutical enterprise management, and master professional knowledge of ICH, GMP, and EHS. They have rich experience in product quality, storage conditions, transportation conditions, and other aspects of pharmaceutical chemicals, and can provide customers with very professional services.

Production of fine chemical products

Our company has dozens of production technologies for fine chemical products, and has professional product research and development personnel. We use our own technology to carry out direct production of some products. Currently, our company mainly produces fine chemical products such as pharmaceutical intermediates, health care product raw materials, and pesticide intermediates. Currently, our main production modes include rental workshop production, entrusted processing production, etc.

levamisole supplier
Nitrobenzaldehyde manufacturer

Fine chemical products production

Our company has the technology to produce dozens of fine chemical products and has professional product development staff. We use our own technologies to carry out direct production of some of our products. At present, the fine chemical products we produce are mainly pharmaceutical intermediates, health care raw materials, pesticide intermediates and so on. Our current main production mode uses leased workshop production, commissioned processing production, etc.

Our business purpose: To provide professional services to our customers with a professional team.

Technical cooperation and consulting services

Highland (Shandong) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. has the production technology of nearly dozens of pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and other products, with chemical technology senior engineer, China’s national registered safety engineer and other professional and technical personnel. We use our technical advantages to provide technical cooperation and consulting services for domestic and foreign customers. Our service scope mainly includes: project cooperation, production plant cooperation and technical guidance of production process for pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, veterinary APIs, pesticide intermediates and other products.

Latest Products


We have rich industry accumulation in the field of chemical synthesis and can use the resources at our disposal to provide international customers with quality chemicals produced locally in China.

ketoglutaric acid supplier

Isopropyl Myristate

We can supply isopropyl myristate in pharmaceutical grade, in accordance with JP/BP/EP standards, with a content of 90.0% or more.

ketoglutaric acid supplier

Pipemidic Acid

We can provide PIPEMIDIC ACID API and intermediates,the content of the API products we provide reaches more than 99% and above.

ketoglutaric acid supplier


The thymidine product we offer is mainly used in the preparation of anti-AIDS drugs and is a white powder with a product content of ≥99.0%.

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