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5-Fluorouracil CAS 51-21-8

Country: China 
Model No:
FOB Price: 50 ~ 72 / Kilogram ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price
Place of Origin: China
Price for Minimum Order: 50 per Kilogram
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram
Packaging Detail: 25kg/Drum
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Supplying Ability: 10 Ton per Month
Payment Type: Other, PayPal, Western Union, D/P, L/C, T/T
Product Group :


Best Quality 5-Fluorouracil Supplier in China

We, as the 5-fluorouracil supplier, are a comprehensive resource for cancer patients and their support. We offer details on chemotherapy drugs and side effects, information on cancer wellness, and connections to other trustworthy websites and groups.

Our business is the only one you need to contact if you’re looking for a reliable 5-fluorouracil supplier and sevoflurane supplier. We provide top-notch 5-fluorouracil for use in research and medical applications since we believe in quality and client happiness.

Detailed description

Our 5-Fluorouracil is a useful resource whether you’re treating cancer patients or working on oncology research. It is frequently used in chemotherapy plans for several cancers, such as colon, breast, and stomach cancers. It functions by obstructing DNA synthesis, which stops cancer cells from proliferating and dividing.

Along with our top-notch merchandise, we also provide excellent customer service. Our expert staff is available to respond to any inquiries you may have and offer advice on product usage and selection. Because we as a 5-fluorouracil supplier value your time, we work hard to make the ordering process as quick and simple as we can.

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You may be sure that when you choose us as your 5-Fluorouracil supplier. You’re getting a dependable, high-quality product supported by first-rate customer service. To find out more about our product line and how we might aid your scientific and medical endeavors, get in touch with us right now. In research and medical contexts, consistency, and dependability of results, we are giving you the best possible product.

5-fluorocytosine is a key intermediate in the synthesis of the antiviral drug Ntratabine, 5-fluorocytosine is also used as raw material to produce anti-fungal drugs, We can provide chemical grade and drug-grade 5-fluorocytosine raw materials.

5-fluorouracil can be used in the production of anti-tumor agents. We can provide industrial and pharmaceutical grade 5-fluorouracil preparations.

Molecular Weight: 130.077
Molecular Formula : C4H3FN2O2
Specification: content≥97%
Appearance: White crystalline powder


What is 5-Fluorouracil, and what are its primary uses?
5-Fluorouracil is a chemotherapy medication used to treat various types of cancer, including colorectal, breast, and skin cancers.
How does Fluorocytosine work?
Fluorocytosine functions as an antimetabolite. Once inside fungal cells, it is converted into an active form called 5-fluorouracil. 5-fluorouracil disrupts fungal RNA and protein synthesis, ultimately leading to fungal cell death.
How can I find a reliable 5-Fluorouracil supplier?
Research and identify reputable pharmaceutical or chemical suppliers with a track record of quality and compliance with industry standards. Verify their certifications and customer reviews for reliability.
Can 5-Fluorouracil suppliers offer custom formulations or packaging?
Some suppliers might provide customization options for formulations or packaging to suit specific requirements. It’s advisable to inquire about such services directly.

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