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Isopropyl myristate CAS:110-27-0

Listing Description CAS:110-27-0
Molecular Formula : C17H34O2
Molecular Weight: 270.45
Specification :contont≥90%
Appearance:clear, colourless, oily liquid.
Packaging Detail 25kg/Drum
Delivery Time 7-15 days
Supplying Ability (pieces, cartons, boxes etc) 25 Tons Per Month
Place of Origin China
Minimum Order Quantity 1kg
FOB Price (USD) 2.5-6.0USD/Kg
Payment Type (TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others) TT,L/C, Western Union, D/P, Money gram, PayPal, Others,



What is Isopropyl Myristate?
Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) is an ester derived from Isopropyl Alcohol and Myristic Acid. It’s commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for its emollient and skin-conditioning properties.
What are the main uses of Isopropyl Myristate?
IPM is primarily utilized as an emollient, solvent, and thickening agent in various personal care products, including lotions, creams, sunscreen, and makeup. It helps improve product texture and spreadability while providing a smooth, non-greasy feel.
Is Isopropyl Myristate safe for use in cosmetics?
Yes, Isopropyl Myristate is generally regarded as safe for cosmetic use. However, individuals with sensitive skin may want to perform a patch test before using products containing IPM to avoid any potential irritation.
Does Isopropyl Myristate have any side effects?
In rare cases, some individuals might experience skin irritation or allergic reactions to Isopropyl Myristate. If any adverse reactions occur, it’s advisable to discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
Where can I find products containing Isopropyl Myristate?
Isopropyl Myristate can be found in a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products available in pharmacies, beauty stores, and online retailers.

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