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Imidocarb dihydrochloride CAS5318-76-3, 27885-92-3, Imidocarb 2HCl, Veterinary raw materials

  •  Other Names: Imidocarb 2HCl,Imidocarb dihydrochloride,Veterinary raw materials
  •  MF: C19H22Cl2N6O
  •  Grade Standard: Medicine Grade
  •  Purity (%): Min 99% content
  •  Appearance: White or almost white powder
  •  Application: Used as a veterinary API
  •  Classification: 
  •  CAS No.: 
  •  EINECS No.: 
  •  Brand Name: 


We can supply high-quality Imidocarb 2HCl products up to 99.0% or more, which is a white or off-white powder.
Imidocarb 2HCl is mainly used as a veterinary API for the veterinary treatment of Babesia and other parasitic infections.

EINECS: 226-179-7
Molecular Formula: C19H22Cl2N6O
Molecular Weight: 421.32
Specification: content≥99%
Appearance: White or almost white powder.

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